The Sumi Settee

24 May 2018



What is the correct distance to sit from someone while you converse? Should you face your fellow conversationalist directly or turn slightly away? How upright should your posture be to facilitate the most interesting conversation possible? The Sumi Settee is our attempt to answer those questions.



The Sumi Settee is the third design in our Sumi furniture line.

We built the seat from a slab of wood we purchased from Dr. Gary Goby – founder of Goby Walnut – over fifteen years ago. The slab was thick, almost three inches, and so covered in dirt and dust it was impossible to tell what the figure would look like before we milled it.



Sealed with our new vegetable oil finish, Osmo, a product from Germany and introduced to us by Peter Korn of the Center for Furniture Excellence in Maine we feel like we have a new successful piece for our “Sumi” suite of seating.