Custom woodworker Robert Erickson creating a unique live edge chair


I made my first piece of furniture in 1969. It was a cherry stool, and it sold in a gallery in Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. I was excited because I’d always wanted to make a living doing something I enjoyed and this was a confirmation that such a course might be possible. A year later, I made my first chair. It was awkward and uncomfortable. For the next five years, I did odd jobs to make a living while working hard to develop my skills as a furniture maker. Then, in 1975, I sold my first rocking chair through a gallery in Nevada City. – Robert Erickson

At Erickson Woodworking we make enduring, functional objects that are beautiful to behold and that fit like well-made clothes. When people talk about craft, discussions tend to focus on tools, materials and techniques. The question that often goes lost is: does the use of this object give pleasure to its owners? Does it make their lives better? When someone first sits in one of our handmade, ergonomic chairs, their pleasure is immediate and evident. We hear all the time from people who have owned our chairs for decades that the startling comfort they initially experienced in using the piece has endured. In the end, this is what matters most.

We take pride in each handmade rocking chair, live edge table, custom stool, and handcrafted office chair. From wood selection to carefully fitted joinery to the final wax of orange oil and bees wax, Robert and Tor work to constantly refine the design and durability of each individual piece.

Erickson Woodworking using natural wood for handmade chairs