Robert Erickson teaching Tor Erickson

iconic table

The dining room is a place where family and friends gather to share food, drink, stories and laughter, and the dining table facilitates these interactions. It is the focal point of communal life in any home. Whether you’re sitting down for dinner with a family of four or hosting a community gathering, our handmade tables are custom designed and crafted from start to finish to fit your space and respond to your needs.

Each of our handmade dining tables is personalized, unique and one-of-a-kind.

crafting a custom table

Crafting a handmade table requires patience and dedication. We meet with each client and discuss their needs before setting to work with pen and paper to sketch a rough concept. Once we have our design on paper, we build a prototype of the table so that we can test every parameter of its design to ensure balance, comfort, function  and aesthetics.

The final step is to bring our designs to life using beautifully carved hardwoods carefully chosen to match not only the room but also the house where the dining room table is to reside. Our preferred hard durable finish for the table top is conversion varnish. We have found this finish to look like our hand rubbed oil finish but more durable for day to day exposure to water and use.