Our handmade Columnar Dining Table w/ custom basalt base

Columnar Basalt Dining Table

The Columnar Dining Table is a raw expression of California geography. The base of the table and the hexagonal bronze inlays in the top are inspired by the columnar basalt formations at Devil’s Postpile National Monument located in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada. The top of the table is a single slab of California walnut, harvested in the California central valley.

Building this table was a physically backbreaking labor. Each of the base sections of the table weigh over 300 pounds, and when assembled the entire table is over 1000 pounds. Each of the 18 hexagonal pieces that makes up one of the sections of the base had to be carefully cut by hand, then drilled to receive anchor bolts, and finally polished to a glass-like finish. The top was so heavy we had to install a chain hoist in the shop to turn it over.