Rear View of the handmade Tashjian Chair w/ hand-sewn upholstery

Tashjian Chair

Bear Trap Springs. To get there, stay right on Cruzon Grade past Bloody Run, up to where the winter snow piles deep. In 1993, Robert discovered a stack of Pacific yew logs there, cut and shorn of their bark for the production of cancer-curing taxol. We milled the logs, then stacked and stickered the boards to air-dry.

Because of its many knots and tendency to split as it dries, some consider yew to be unusable for furniture. We don’t agree. This wood is extremely hard and polishes to a fine, warm luster. Handled with respect it makes beautiful, hand-crafted chairs.

The Tashjian Chair is the final design in our “Bent Arm” series, which dates back 34 years. The wide, plank back of this Tashjian spans the trunk of the 100-year old tree from which it was milled, with outer sapwood flanking inner hardwood.