Kitkitdizze Recliner

The Kitkitdizze Recliner shares its inspiration with the Martinez Recliner, but with a smaller footprint. This handmade recliner offers our floating back design, ensuring an enjoyable recline at any angle, while the lumbar support keeps your back in a position that’s comfortable for longer hours of sitting. The brass accent hardware allows you to adjust the Floating Back while providing a subtle emphasis on the arms of this more compact recliner.

Much like its larger cousin, this design integrates hand-sewn upholstery with hand-crafted woodworking to create a beautiful chair that’s perfect for your television or sitting room. Combine the Kitkitdizze Recliner with the accompanying footstool and kick your feet up after a long day to enjoy your favorite program or a conversation with friends and family.

Shown here in California walnut plus several details of the chair done in Pacific madrone.