Club Chair 21

We just finished this piece today, June, 2024. California walnut, aluminum and Knoll Melange gray fabric. The latest version is very similar to the one photographed here but is in a lighter gray Knoll Melange fabric. We also have one in exceptional Pacific Madrone.

This new upholstered club chair is a revisit of an older design but completely rethought in light of two decades more experience. We threw out the old templates which forced us to re-create the entire chair, making many subtle and important adjustments. For these new versions we experimented with different foam densities in both latex and urethane products. A new machinist created precision aluminum details and our exploration of Knoll fabrics brought us to this soft wool fabric sewn by our favorite upholsterer, Daniel Edlefesen. Daniel grew up in Rigby Idaho but went to New York City to learn upholstery. He’s a great source of detailed information about Mid Century Modern furniture.

We made two full size pine prototypes experimenting and exploring the subtleties of angles for comfortable sitting. The result is this new chair upholstered in Knoll Melange fabric, 88% wool, 12% nylon. The wood is California walnut with precision machined aluminum details.